Pub Date 10/15/19

Stray Our Pieces_B

A challenging, thoughtful story about what it’s like when you chafe at the role society assigns you, but that role is also your whole life.” -David Valdes Greenwood, author of The Rhinestone Sisterhood: A Journey Through Small Town America One Tiara at a Time and Revengers

“A tightly constructed psychodrama of suburban angst, a coming-of-self saga that explores the gradual unravelling of suppressed beliefs and ideas . . . Graff’s entertaining novel is highly attuned to the subtle witty rhythms of everyday speech and saturated with the pleasures of reading and the pains of not-reading. An emotionally charged and engaging yawp of quotidian panic.” -M.J. Nicholls, author of A Postmodern Belch, The House of Writers, The Quiddity of Delusion and The 1002nd Book to Read Before You Die




heckler (Unsolicited Press, 2020)

Stray Our Pieces (Waldorf Publishing, 2019)

The White Wolf’s Secret (aka In the Service of the Boyar) (Strange Fictions Press, 2016)

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